RECREATIONAL SPECIALTIES is committed to building the highest quality motor coaches designed specifically for the extreme off-road market.  We sell these coaches under the name MOAB.

We currenty produce two models the MOAB AC and the MOAB F550

Each MOAB off-road coach is custom built from the ground up - something that not a lot of companies can say as they simply “convert” boxes - and is constructed utilizing high-quality, tubular steel for the sub-frame and chassis area, and lightweight, yet durable tubular aluminum for the body of the coach. The entire coach is well-insulated to maximize heating and cooling efficiencies. The MOAB offers our owners the ability to get off the grid for extended periods of time and features a specially designed electrical system with the latest generation of solar charging panels with multiple top-grade lithium batteries and more than 150 gallons of fresh water storage! The MOAB is built on a former military chassis that has had the Caterpillar engine completely refurbed to be like new and provide our customers with the ability to navigate the most extreme conditions found on earth. For more information, contact us at 574-900-1998 or email

MOAB AC (above) 

Introducing the MOAB Extreme off road/off grid motorhome - without a doubt one of the most versatile and extreme terrain capable motorhomes to ever hit the market.
Built on a former military chassis with absolutely amazing capabilities - the box on this unit actually sits on floating platform which allows the box to turn and twist separately from the chassis as the vehicle traverses rugged terrain and uneven surfaces. A nearly 8' tall engine snorkel allows the MOAB to traverse deep waters, while the unit's superior state-of-the-art solar panel and battery systems are second to none! The MOAB is also available on a Ford Super Duty 550 chassis.

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